system builder

System Builder is a bid designer integrated with Bridge Buff and Visual Deal! This is a bridge software breakthrough! Design your own conventions, your own bidding treatments, even complete bidding systems, or modify bidding sequences to suit your preferences!

Until the development of System Builder, you had to bid the way the software developer thought you should bid. Now, you can attach your own meanings to any bid in any sequence of bids. If you like to open 2 with 18-19 HCP and a flat hand, you can do so. If you want to build your own forcing 1 system, you can. Experiment with a Multi 2 opener. Play step responses to 2 openers. Open 1 with 4/4/3/2 hands. Play CRASH over 1NT openers. Try Puppet Stayman. Let your creative/analytic designer loose! You can become a system designer, a bridge programmer. Use Buff and System Builder in concert to ‘debug’ your design. 

Your bidding routines are saved to a file that can be used by other Bridge Buff or Visual Deal users. Partners can work out new sequences independently, then merge their efforts. We hope that users will send to us Builder files they design and we, in turn, will upload them to our web site so other users can share them.

After you have designed your bidding sequences, ask Buff to incorporate those sequences into Buff’s bidding framework. Buff will tell you when it is making one of your Builder bids, and will even tell you why it didn’t make a Builder bid.