bid sequencer

We hope this utility is useful for some users. It creates all bridge auctions within a range you specify, and writes them to an Excel file that you can notate and edit. When you run the program, click Options on the top menu.

The Options Window

Here we are creating auctions that start with 1NT (and 1NT only .. note the 'From .. To' selection. The final bid will be 3NT. We choose to view auctions that have as many as 6 bids. After we have selected our options, we Close this window, we click 'Create Worksheet', wait a few moments, and are presented with this. You can download this example spreadsheet.

The Final Worksheet

Please note the bid 'explanations' are for illustrative purposes only ... look to the bottom left. We have produced 638 bidding sequences, beginning with 1NT passed out, and ending with the last of the hundreds of 6-deep auctions which happens to be 1NT-3C | 3 - 3 | 3 - 3NT. This utility might be useful to some partnerships who want to ensure they understand what all sequences might mean.

Some produced sequences will be silly ... 1NT - 2 | 3 for example. So you might want to edit the worksheet. You can only write comments in the primitive worksheet Sequencer produces, so to make the worksheet fully editable, so you can delete rows for example, you must take the following steps.

How to Edit a Worksheet

  • Save the worksheet to say Test.XLS using File ... Save
  • Close Sequencer and open Excel and load Test.XLS
  • Test.XLS is still not editable. However this is how you achieve that. HIGHLIGHT all the cells in the worksheet, and File .. Copy
  • Close Test.XLS, and open a new worksheet
  • Paste to the new worksheet. All the cells created by Sequencer will paste, and now the worksheet is editable
  • The suit symbols will likely not display properly. We installed a special font so you can easily type the symbols. In Excel, highlight all the cells, and change the font to Comic Sans MS - Bridge. The symbols will display.
  • Read more about that Font we installed in Sequencer ... menu item Font Installation

Download this example spreadsheet.