Visual Deal

Visual Deal is a hugely flexible Deal Generator that stands alone by virtue of its ease-of-use, its flexibility, and the fact it includes the generation of complete auctions and play-of-the-hand. Visual Deal uses Bridge Buff bidding and playing modules. 


Two Visual Deal Studies

The issue is this. You and partner play weak NTs (12-14). When partner opens 1NT, and you hold a 5-3-3-2 hand like KQxxx/Kxx/xxx/xx, partner likes you to play in the major (by bidding 2, or transferring with 2). You wonder if it might not be better over the long run to play in 1NT. What strategy is best over the long haul?

Visual Deal lets you find out. You set up a variable weak NT hand in North, and KQ765/K76/765/76 in South. You ask Visual Deal to play out 1000 deals in 2 by South. After a couple of minutes Visual Deal produces a summary that shows the contract makes about 70% of the time.

Now you repeat the process, but instead ask Visual Deal to play out the contracts in 1NT by North. The summary says the contract makes about 55% of the time.

This time, partner was right. The best contract, long term, is 2. But what if the hand was T9876/K76/KQ7/76? Test it out!

Another one ...

The issue is this. You got a poor result in a competitive auction at the club. You held Kxxx/AKxx/xx/Kxx. RHO opened 1. The auction proceeded as follows: 1/X/1/2//2, to you. I could Pass, Double for penalties, or bid 3. I chose to Pass, and they made it, for a poor result for us. I wondered if this was poor judgement, or bad luck.

I asked Visual Deal to look at this deal. I asked to see deals where the auction went as described, and overcaller had my hand. I viewed a few dozen deals, and it very quickly became apparent that the best bid was clearly 3, so our poor result was not bad luck. I had simply visualized the hands poorly.

The moral? Use Visual Deal to improve the way you visualize hands!