bridge buff match mode

A 'closed room' table is at play when you are. You can choose to play from three kinds of matches, or any combination thereof. 

  • Team Match. There are two teams. The North/South partnership at your table is paired with East/West in the closed room. Scoring is by International Match Points.
  • Pairs Match. There are four pairs, and a rotating movement. You are scored against the other pairs in 'matchpoint' fashion.
  • Individual Match. There are eight individuals, with an appropriate movement. You are scored in 'matchpoint' fashion.
  • Matchpoint Matches. Bridge Buff estimates a 'matchpoint' score for your result, on a 12-top, against generic 'strong' and 'weak' fields. You won't always agree, but this feature is a lot of fun. Play in the closed room is exceptionally fast. You may also play in Practice mode.