bridge buff practice mode

You have tremendous flexibility in each of the three phases of the game ... dealing, bidding and play. You can also play in match mode.

You can practice specific kinds of deals as explained here.

  • Dealing. In this phase, you shuffle (looking at any number of hands) until you see a deal you would like to bid. Proceed to Bidding. Click DEAL for random deals, or click 1 to see deals where opener is dealt a one heart opener. You have a huge number of ways to request specific kinds of deals.
  • Bidding. At any position, click AUTO if you want Buff to bid all positions but South, quickly and automatically. Click STEP if you want Buff to bid the next bid, and pause. Click ZIP if you want Buff to finish the auction quickly. If YOU want to make a bid, simply click it. You can rebid a deal at any point. Proceed to Playing.
  • Playing. Works like Bidding. Click AUTO, STEP or ZIP for automated play. If you want to play a card, click the card and it will slide to the table. If you want to retract a card, click it while it is on the table and it will return to the hand. You can replay or rebid the hand at any point, as any position. You can concede or claim all remaining tricks.