bidding practice

You have awesome variety in dealing hands for bidding practice. You can deal random hands of course. You can specify which hand is first to bid, and the vulnerability. You can force any bid at any position, or ask Buff to make the bid. 

You also can design specific hands as follows:

Deal This Opening Bid

This is the dealing screen. Click DEAL for random deals. To deal a specific opening hand, click the appropriate bid. Here is a deal when you click the 1 button.


Deal a Convention

The Deal a Convention floating window stays open, and every time you click DEAL, a deal suitable for practicing your choice is dealt. Here, south is dealt a Flannery hand.


Deal a Hand to Fit an Auction

Want to deal hands to practice a particular auction? Just punch in the auction and watch deal after deal appear. Here we deal hands that start 1/1/1/P//



Specific Shapes and HCP

You can specify suit lengths and hand strengths with this function.


The Kibitzer

During the bidding, you can simply roll your mouse over the bidding pad, to see what that bid would mean, and you can ask Buff at any time what bid it would make. Here the auction has proceeded 1/1, and the mousepointer is rests on the 1 bid-button, which the Kibitzer explains bottom of window.