Bridgeware has been providing the world bridge community with quality bridge software for 19 years.. Our software features state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, and with Simulation Bidding. Bridge Buff is now scalable! We don't think you can purchase bridge software anywhere that has this range of features and excellence! Download the Bridge Buff demo and see for yourselves. Included in the Bridge Buff package are Bridge Buff, Visual Deal, Convention Card Editor, Bid Buddy, Bid Sequencer, Pip Converter, System Builder, and  the NEW Matchpoint Analyser, which will make you a better matchpoint player, more info here.

Bridge Buff is the ideal program to practice your bidding skills. You can even practice specific kinds of deals as explained here.

The price for all products combined is $49.95(US). WE EMAIL YOU A DOWNLOAD LINK. Place order below.


System Requirements

Bridge Buff products run under all versions of Windows including 10, 8, 7, Vista, Win98, WinNT, XP. Minimum requirements are a Pentium 200 or equivalent with 16 Megs RAM. Faster is better. 

Questions and Answers after installation

Go here to resolve any issues you might think you have.